RIP Mythic Eonar the Life-Binder

Now we're starting to feel like Mythic.  Awesome encounter.  They should have included some of the Mythic mechanics in the Heroic version as it is extremely bland; however, Mythic was the first "special" encounter in Antorus.  It took 2 nights but we learned the method for the final wave of adds and landed the kill.  Portal Keeper is next and we're moving nicely.  Another kill or 2 of progression should happen next week as we clean up our roster a bit.

RIP Mythic Hounds of Sargeras

Hounds was a very fun fight that demanded full raid coordination.  It took us 2-3 pulls after a night of learning the encounter to get it down.  We need to improve upon the final double 100% energy ability moment (as seen in the kill video), but a kill is a kill.  We were able to get 2 hours of Eonar pulls in and nearly killed it.  We should be posting another update here after Tuesday night as we shift to Mythic focus moving forward.

RIP Heroic Antorus & Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker

Another tier another Heroic Clear. Antorus is a nice breath of fresh air. Heroic Argus was a pretty interesting fight and a quality ending of the expansion. Time to push through Mythic! Garothi Worldbreaker proved to be pretty simple after we corrected our mistake of not keeping a tank in to eliminate the pulsing damage on the run away.  Bring on the Hounds!

Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine is a Jerk

After making a few roster changes (for the better), we finally were able to have a solid 2 nights of Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine pulls.  In a heartbreaking night, we failed to kill her.  The kill was right there for us to get with our 4% wipe.  This one is going to hurt for a bit, but with Antorus releasing tonight it's time to move ahead and get ready to push.  Lots of kill video updates are sure to come this week.

RIP Mythic Harjatan

Our melee heavy raid composition made this encounter a bit rougher than it should have been, but we managed to rock and roll another Mythic Tomb of Sargeras kill this week to jump up to 3/9M finishing off the first third of the instance.  As you will see in the video, sometimes it is not about looking pretty and more about the end result.  We ended up missing the last egg and had to nuke the boss down, which led to our victory.  A kill is a kill!  We were able to get a few pulls in on Mythic Sisters and got into Phase 2 solidly several times.  It's a fun fight which we should be capable of mastering soon enough!  Great instance thus far.

RIP Mythic Demonic Inquisition

With an increasingly solidified core squad, Deviant is beginning to pick back up steam.  It took us 7 pulls with a developed strategy to down the 2nd boss in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras.  Very well designed encounter.  After a few Harjatan pulls, I have no doubt we will be a minimum of 3/9M next week as we push towards completing another raid tier.  We are currently recruiting ranged DPS.

RIP Mythic Goroth

The consistency of the Deviant team prevailed as we downed the first boss of Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Goroth.  With Summer, we made several significant changes to our roster; however, we've bounced back as we have since forming in December 2009 to continue our trend of Mythic Progression.  Goroth was a very fun fight that required significant movement.  Looking forward to pushing forward next week, which I hope to post at least 1-2 new kill photos and videos of our conquests.

RIP Heroic Kil'Jaeden

Time for Mythic progression after the slaying of Heroic Kil'jaeden.  It took us some trial and error, but we were able to down him after two pulls on Thursday.  Currently, we are looking to pickup 2 solid DPS and 1 non-Priest Healer to lock-up our Mythic Roster.  With our iLevel, we should be capable of jumping to 3/9 M within no time.

RIP Heroic Fallen Avatar

Time for a new raid tier!  Deviant has pushed to Heroic Kil'jaeden in the Tomb of Sargeras after killing Heroic Fallen Avatar.  The encounter is a solid DPS check that should be incredibly mean in Mythic.  I expect us to be 9/9H by the end of this weekend on some extra bonus nights before we start up on a Mythic ToS focus.  Last week, we gave 45 minutes to Mythic Goroth and got to 50% so progression in the next raid level should be happening soon.  ToS is a fun and welcome new instance.

RIP Mythic Star Augur

After something like 110 attempts, we finally got her.  Quite the exceptional fight that requires significant coordination.  Phase 3 is an intense battle before the mechanics overwhelm your squad.  After a 2% wipe without Vantus Runes, we decided to remove all doubt and give ourselves the rest of the week to focus on the final 2 bosses in our attempt to hit 10/10 by June 20th's release of Tomb of Sargaras.  We also expect to have Helya dead within that time.  Our roster is ever-changing, but our goal of progression stays the same.

RIP Mythic Tichondrius

Well, we really regret not pulling this boss weeks ago.  Tichondrius was a joke of a boss.  After about couple handful of pulls we downed our 7th boss in Mythic Nighthold and proceeded to get Star Auger down to 38% on our first night of attempts.  We should be seeing the final 2 bosses sometime next week.


RIP Mythic Botanist

It took a little more than 2 full nights of attempts to get Mythic Botanist down.  Phase 3 is definitely one of the more ridiculous mechanic-based encounters we've seen in some time.  After a great transition and perfect 1st set of Collapse of Night w/ 2 battle resurrections available, we made it happen.


RIP Mythic Krosus

Mythic Krosus was relatively simple compared to some of the other bosses. Overall, it was straight-forward. Do your job, soak your pools and the rest is simple. DPS wasn't an issue and the enrage timer was simply a reminder to press the keys a little bit harder. Time to get Botanist and then set our sights on a quick Helya kill.


RIP Mythic Spellblade

It only took us 100+ attempts, but we overcame Mythic Spellblade as a team.  Like most guilds, surpassing 3/10 M is a major milestone.  We had to replace several core members over the past month and change around some players' roles for long term stability.  Scum moved from Tank to Hunter.  Aliciousness is moving from Holy Paladin to WW Monk.  We had about 1,000 Holy Priests join and quit.  We overcame a lot of stuff to get here.  Great job everyone!  After last night's several attempts, we should have Krosus down within the next 2-12 days.


RIP Mythic Trilliax

It didn't take long, but Mythic Trilliax is down.  Now it's time for the bigger and harder bosses within Mythic Nighthold.  We are choosing to focus on Spellblade.

RIP Heroic Gul'dan

After a night of attempts, we were able to kill off Heroic Nighthold and Gul'dan.  The fight should be incredible at the end of Mythic.  Time to put on our big boy pants and step back into Mythic Progression.

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