RIP Mythic Krosus

Mythic Krosus was relatively simple compared to some of the other bosses. Overall, it was straight-forward. Do your job, soak your pools and the rest is simple. DPS wasn't an issue and the enrage timer was simply a reminder to press the keys a little bit harder. Time to get Botanist and then set our sights on a quick Helya kill.


RIP Mythic Spellblade

It only took us 100+ attempts, but we overcame Mythic Spellblade as a team.  Like most guilds, surpassing 3/10 M is a major milestone.  We had to replace several core members over the past month and change around some players' roles for long term stability.  Scum moved from Tank to Hunter.  Aliciousness is moving from Holy Paladin to WW Monk.  We had about 1,000 Holy Priests join and quit.  We overcame a lot of stuff to get here.  Great job everyone!  After last night's several attempts, we should have Krosus down within the next 2-12 days.


RIP Mythic Trilliax

It didn't take long, but Mythic Trilliax is down.  Now it's time for the bigger and harder bosses within Mythic Nighthold.  We are choosing to focus on Spellblade.

RIP Heroic Gul'dan

After a night of attempts, we were able to kill off Heroic Nighthold and Gul'dan.  The fight should be incredible at the end of Mythic.  Time to put on our big boy pants and step back into Mythic Progression.

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