What loot system do we use?

All loot systems have flaws.  We use EPGP with a 20% weekly decay.  This system have been modified over several expansions to eliminate the gap between new and old members.

Max bid for all-class items such as trinkets, relics, rings & neck are 2,000 GP
Max bid for 1st drop of a specific raid tier slot is 1,000 GP.

After obtaining a tier piece from a specific raid level (IE:  Herioc Helm) you can only bid 100-900 in an attempt to obtain Warforged/Titanforged.  This enables people without a tier piece to automatically have priority over those with a tier piece already.

The standard EPGP loot window for Deviant can be seen as follows:


What is the loot / rank priority?

In cased of a tie in the EPGP system, the loot order goes Deviant > Tryout > Backup


Is there a trial period?

Yes and no.  We have tryout rank, which member must be within for a minimum of 2 weeks.  During this 2 week period, you are put at a lower priority for receiving loot; however, within most of our farmed encounters we do not need any of the drops.  I assure you this is a very painless 2 weeks.


How old is your team?

The GM is 32 and the median age of the officer staff is ~30.
Overall, the median age of the guild is ~26.